How to Sell Your Handmade Soap

Even if you know nothing about business and social media

There are 3 key ingredients to selling your soap the smart way:

1. Create a strong, profitable brand 

2. Position your soaps for success 

3. Tap into advanced marketing strategies to reach more people

I boiled everything I know into easy-to-implement strategies for soap makers: a handy marketing guide called the Smart Soap Seller.

Smart Soap Seller is a brand-new program that teaches you how to create a strong foundation for your soapmaking business... and market it online using tested strategies.

Even if... you don't know anything about marketing and social media.

Even if... you don't have much time on hands.

Even if... you're just starting out.

Sell Soaps with Precision & Focus

The same precision and focus you use when creating soaps.

Imagine the following:

You got your soap formulas just right.

You have a shop and are ready to sell. 

You created accounts on social media, (because that's where your customers are most likely to hang out) and you share your soaps everywhere. 

And that's when all the sales roll in, right?

Not quite.

I'm sure you can relate.

Social media is great for business but you'll need precision, focus and specific ingredients, just like soapmaking does, to create a winning formula. 

But most soap makers struggle in this area. Getting started with soapmaking is hard enough.

It can get costly. It takes time to create your collection of soaps. Who has time then to delve into marketing tactics and experiment endlessly? To see what sticks and what does not? 

Add to that the fact that most marketing advice is pretty generic. It's not optimised for soap makers. So where do you start?

How to Know What Works

From branding to social media & beyond.

We spoke to dozens of soap makers worldwide to learn about your social media struggles and business difficulties.

We analysed hundreds of soap maker accounts on Instagram and Pinterest combined. 

We've seen the common pitfalls. 

The Smart Soap Seller program provides an answer to those common pitfalls.

We share with you our tried and tested strategies to help you understand organic reach on social media. 

We take the guesswork out of marketing for soap makers. So that you can kickstart your marketing strategy, today.

Hear from our students

You too can make it work.

"A must have social media course for anyone that wants to understand how to really succeed! 

Instagram was always a bit baffling to me, creating captivating content was hit or miss for me and the Smart Soap Seller course has really helped me to hone in on what I was missing and where I could make improvements. 

Leyla's course was the piece of the missing puzzle! When I started the course, I was totally engrossed and everything made sense. The tips and tricks of how to captivate your audience was probably the best part of the course for me. I quickly learned that how you present yourself to your audience (ideal customer) is not just about pretty pictures but it's about how you build a relationship with your audience and how to make it personal. Customers aren't just buying a product they are buying and connecting with your story and with you as person/brand. 

Giving my brand a ''real'' personality has greatly increased my business turnover I started out with a few sales here and there and now I have over 15 stockists and a regular customer base that is growing every day and I've only just been trading for a year.

The majority of my sales and business comes from social media and I have been able to tap into what engages my followers and what generates and drives my business. 

For a soap maker it is incredibly hard to actually get sales, we have all spent time mastering and practicing our soapmaking skills, got the gorgeous packaging but are left flat when we aren't making those sales, we just think that customers are going to flock because soap is a necessity, everybody needs soap right? But it simply isn't the case. That was me! 

I honestly almost gave up but having such a practical and useful tool as the Smart Soap Seller course that specifically helps soap makers is a life line and I couldn't have been happier that I came across it. 

Leyla's course not only takes you on a journey but really helps you to lock down the core of what you want your business to be, where you are going and how to get there with simple and easy steps. There wasn't any part of the course that left me feeling lost or confused every module is carefully and thoughtfully broken down, you are able to see exactly where you are at, what steps you need to take to improve certain areas of your business and it helps you to see the bigger picture. 

I can now happily and proudly say that Apurity Soap Co is a viable and profitable small business and if asked a few months ago I would never have thought I'd still be here today making and selling my products. 

I cannot thank Leyla enough for such an insightful and helpful social media course , she really knows her stuff!" 

Tina, owner and creator, Apurity Soap Co.

Photo: Soap by Apurity Soap Co, photography: Jade Golding Studio. 

Take a Peek at our Curriculum

You get access to all these modules as well as upcoming ones at no extra cost.

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to the course!

    • How to Win: How to make the most of this course

  • 2

    How to Build a Strong Foundation for your Soap Business

    • Position yourself for success: How to create a strong brand

    • Identify your profitable niche: How to find your people

    • Real Life Example: Branding Done Right

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Brand-Dissect x3

  • 3

    How to Create Products People Want to Buy

    • How to create products people want to buy

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Map That Journey

    • How to write good captions on social media

    • Caption Checklist

    • Know Your Angles - The many different ways of capturing your soap

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Create Seriously Good Content

  • 4

    How to Promote Your Soap Business on Instagram

    • Debunking Instagram Myths: The Soapmaker's Edition

    • Setting your Instagram profile up for success: Pack-a-punch Profile

    • STRATEGY: Hashtag Hunting

    • STRATEGY: Freebie Fanatics

    • STRATEGY: How to create effective Instagram Stories

    • Checklist: Experimenting with Features on Instagram

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Hashtag Hunt, Insta Facelift & New features

    • Behind the Scenes: A Look at My Post Insights and Analytics

  • 5

    Posting Without Problems: Sharing your soap online

    • STRATEGY "The Theme Grid": Knowing what to post and when

    • Automate it all: Post consistently on social media even if you're absent

    • Drafts Hack: Speed up manual posting

    • The Batch Method

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Automate 1 Week

  • 6

    How to Use Influencer Marketing (on Instagram) Successfully

    • What to look for in Influencers?

    • Finding the right influencer to work with

    • What kind of collabs can you try?

    • Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    • Measuring your influencer campaign

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Find 3 Influencers, Spreadsheet Template & Outreach

  • 7

    Rapid Reach: How to find & connect with ideal customers on IG in just 10 minutes a day

    • Before you start Rapid Reach

    • Getting on their radar

    • How to find people through hashtags

    • DM Outreach Formula to Wholesalers

    • Do this, not that: Best practises, mistakes to avoid

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Rapid Reach Week + DM Outreach

  • 8

    How to Promote Your Soap Business on Pinterest

    • Setting your Pinterest profile up for success

    • Creating Pins and Boards the Right Way

    • Shifting Gears: Go beyond soaps

    • Pinspection: A closer look at what others are doing, explained

    • Spotting Trends to Grow your Pinterest & Business

    • ACTION CHALLENGE: Pinning is Winning